SUM=R&D's First Blog!

SUM=R&D's First Blog!

Hello Everyone!


Welcome to SUM=R&D's first blog post! Thanks for taking some time to read this. 


Lets get to the first real question you may have. What does the name mean? Our idea was to provide reviews and insight into products we used regularly. Fast forward a few years, and with a happy convergence of events, we found ourselves in a position to start this business. So, our Research into products helped us Develop a path to provide practical products and information about them, which is the SUM. So, the SUM of Research and Development is this store! We may not even sell some of the products we review! 


Our reviews will be candid and truthful. If we don't think a construction site will benefit from a product, but a homeowner using the same product for light, around the home choring, we'll make it clear. The idea is to get the right product for your needs, not just sell stuff, hoping it sticks. 

Now, what sets us apart from the other guys? Call us. We answer the phone, and if we're busy, as we are a small start up, then we'll call you back. 

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