Super Handy GUT140 Product Review

Super Handy GUT140 Product Review

Thanks for reading our review on the Super Handy GUT140. We hope to provide you with some good information on this scooter. If you haven't had the opportunity, watch our unboxing and assembly video, GUT140 Unboxing and Assembly , I discuss some of the details on the unit in the video. I also want to establish that we are not medical health professionals, and this is strictly our opinions on the product.  

The GUT140 is a well designed, portable, lightweight scooter. It is a 3 wheel scooter, however, this does include auxiliary wheels, which act to balance and help with over all stability of the unit. This is the Plus model, it is an upgrade over the GUT112 model by Super Handy as well. This Plus model has larger wheels, an upgraded seat with arm rests, and the auxiliary wheels. It took about 20 minutes to assemble fully, from open to riding. During our video, we did use the battery right away, however, Super Handy recommends you charge the battery to full first, which takes about 45 minutes to an hour and a half depending on the charge level. It does include 2 48V 2AH batteries, with a range of about 5.5 miles per battery. Super Handy measures by mileage because of the variables involved, like weight the unit is carrying, how fast you're going, and the terrain you're traveling over. This makes sense to me, because someone who weighs right at capacity, is going up hill and as fast as the scooter can go is going to have a shorter range than someone who weights half the maximum capacity, is moving slow and over flat or downhill terrain. 

 The seat is cushiony, and it has a 3 button flap, which appears to give you access to the cushion, perhaps for replacement. I did not investigate fully, and had some minor trouble buttoning it back up, so I felt it was wiser to not fool with that too much. The tiller is not too far away, and although I do have some pretty long arms, I feel it's an appropriate distance for all users. The throttle was responsive. There is a slight delay on the throttle response when switching between forward and reverse, but this makes sense, as you'd most likely want to be at a full stop before switching between the two, just like you would in an automobile. The break worked well, and will slow you down without jerking you forward or backward depending on which way you're going. If you're going full speed, you'll stop, but not on a dime. Which is safer. There is a battery charge indicator on the unit as well, which gives you a basic idea of your batteries current charge, and each battery has a charge indicator built into it as well. They even included a bicycle style bell, it's very simple, you just pull the lever back and let it go, it's actually a small bell hammer and that's what rings the bell. 

I did ride this scooter around in front of and in our office. I was able to turn the scooter around in a 3 point turn on our sidewalk in front of the office. I was able to go over our thresholds, provided I came at them straight, and with a rolling start. It had a smooth take off, and would come to a stop, if coasting, relatively quick. I found it preferrable to let it coast to a stop rather than try to brake every time I wanted to stop. The scooter is lightweight, and after taking off the seat and auxiliary wheels, and folded, it was easy to pick up to put in the back of a SUV. It doesn't take up too much space when folded either. 

Now, I'm going to be very honest. This is not a bells and whistles mobility scooter. It is a very practical and lightweight, portable scooter. I enjoyed how easy it was to assemble, and ride around on. I thought of my mother the whole time, who is very capable and does not need a mobility scooter....but, if she did, I'd see no reason for her not to have a Super Handy mobility scooter. We recommend discussing with a physician or physical therapist before making any decisions for mobility, especially if you have trouble standing or balancing, to ensure you're getting the proper fit for you.  

To conclude, this scooter is an affordable, practical product, that should help provide independence and mobility to those in need. It's lightweight and portable enough that most individuals should be able to lift it into their vehicle storage. It's two batteries provide up to 11 miles of driving range, and with a short recharge time. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns we can address. 

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